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Peter James Insurance. Proud to partner the FBHVC.

For nearly 40 years, Peter James have been safeguarding historic vehicles through the provision of specialist insurance tailored to the needs of clubs and individual owners.

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Club Insurance partnerships

Peter James Insurance understands that clubs are the backbone of the historic vehicle community. We also understand that clubs need a constant stream of funding and financial support to ensure members are offered activities and benefits that keep them renewing their membership year after year

Our club packages not only offer club members discounted insurance, but also a commission structure that feeds investment directly back into the club. We have even devised a handy commission calculator to help your club calculate how much commission you might expect.

Peter James Insurance offers clubs a tiered approach to partnerships, tailored to best fit the size, structure and membership requirements of the organisation. The scheme aims to work closely with clubs to galvanise insurance as a key benefit of club membership, adding value and using club feedback to ensure members are provided with a tailored offering that best suits their needs.

It’s only right that revenue from historic vehicle insurance contributes to the preserving the strength and health of the historic vehicle movement for everyone in the future. We believe that this is best done through clubs, who are the backbone of our community, and we are keen to do our bit to ensure their longevity.

Unique products solely for car club partners

When your club partners with Peter James, your club will enjoy a whole host of exclusive products that only your members can access. Exclusive partnership include member to member cover allowing club members to drive each other’s vehicle with fully comprehensive cover, young drivers cover, track day insurance, laid – up cover and the ability to recharge your time if you opt to self-repair following an accident.

Calculate the financial support your club can receive

The Peter James Commission Calculator is an online tool that will enable clubs to have the ability to calculate what commission they are likely to receive and tailor their partnership arrangement to a structure and set of offerings that best fits their membership, vehicle profiles and financial needs of the organisation.

For a long while, commission structures and partnerships between insurance providers and clubs have been something of a closely guarded secret, subject to many hours of negotiations and often complex to understand. We know that many clubs would like a more open and transparent process of initiating partnerships with insurance companies that will allow them to easily tailor their arrangement and see the value it brings to their club members from the very beginning.

The Peter James Club Commission Calculator can be easily accessed by emailing some basic information on your club, membership numbers and the vehicles you cater for to: Simply request the calculator and try it for yourself!

Young enthusiasts

Peter James recognises that young drivers and riders represent the future of all enthusiast Clubs but access to appropriate insurance has acted as a barrier to young people being able to own or enjoy classic vehicles.

We have developed two bespoke insurance solutions which recognise the fact that young club members are not typical young drivers or riders. These two products are:

1.    An insurance product for younger owners of a classic car or bike

2.    An insurance product which allows younger additional drivers or riders on their parents’ vehicle(s)

The features of our products are:

  • Drivers and riders aged 19 to 24
  • Club Member of a qualifying/approved club
  • Full UK Licence held for 2 years or more
  • Vehicle values of between £3,000 and £50,000
  • Vehicle must be manufactured pre-2000
  • Annual mileage of up to 3,000
  • Social, domestic and pleasure use
  • Premium levels which reflect that Club affiliated
  • Young drivers are accepted via an approval scheme by the club, requiring them to be a member and remain so adding value to club membership.

These products are only available via Peter James Insurance and to members of Clubs within one of our Strategic partnership schemes.

Classic Car & Bike Insurance

Unique to club members, individuals are able to get a quick quote from Peter James Insurance by answering just six questions.

Simple to use - an individual selects the club they’re a member of, enters make and model information along with the year the vehicle was first registered, its current value and annual mileage.

To get a quick quote, click one of the following links:

Get a Quick Quote – CAR

Get a Quick Quote - BIKE

Or, if you’d prefer to speak to a member of their friendly team, please call on 0121 274 5362.

Public Liability Insurance

Peter James will help to keep the costs of running a car club down and ensure that all club members and volunteers are properly protected with our tailored public liability insurance schemes.

Most event venues now require this to allow clubs to participate or exhibit and certainly clubs and volunteers will need this cover if organising any displays of events of your own, so talk to Peter James about how to get the best cover for you. They understand the very specialist needs of the historic vehicle clubs.

Product Liability Insurance

From its club liability schemes that stand out for complete cover on all safety critical parts (even if sold in the US) through to scalable Motor Trade Risk cover, PJI offers FBHVC clubs the opportunity to focus on preserving historic vehicles through the commissioning and sale of parts with the peace of mind that the club has the cover it needs. More and more clubs are commissioning parts to keep their vehicles on the road, where they should be and so Peter James can help with all aspects of product liability cover to enable these crucially important projects. 

Personal approach – no call centres!

Peter James were early pioneers of some of today’s most useful historic vehicle insurance products including agreed value, limited mileage, and the ability to bring modern vehicles and even commercial vehicles together into one affordable policy, that cover your historic vehicles and newer modes of transport together.

Peter James understands that the personal approach is essential when dealing with cherished vehicles – many of which are like members of the family! So, no call centres or automated phone systems, just real people who are knowledgeable and passionate about your vehicle on the end of the phone, every time.

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Peter James Insurance is a trading name of Kingfisher Insurance Services Limited, registered in England No 01469545. Kingfisher Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) No 310218

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