MOT Exemption Information

Declaring your vehicle as exempt from an MOT Test

This is a new self-declaration process to be carried out as part of annual licensing by DVLA by a keeper of a qualifying vehicle who does not wish to submit the vehicle to an MOT test. By making this simple declaration you are confirming that your vehicle is at least 40 years old and has not been substantially changed in the previous 30 years.

For advice on the process you should consult the Legislation pages in recent Editions of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Newsletter.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has published a set of guidelines to assist owners in deciding which if any more recent changes to their vehicle would be considered as “substantial”.

The DfT understand that owners may feel they need to consult a specialist prior to making this declaration and have asked the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs to compile and publish on its website, a list of marque specialists who have indicated their willingness to advise owners unsure of their vehicle’s status.

The list is published below and will it is intended to be continuously added to as more specialists come forward.

Before approaching a marque specialist you should study the DfT Guidelines carefully and make your own judgement concerning your vehicle if you can.

An expert or an organisation nominating an expert is entitled to reimbursement of any costs incurred in reaching or providing the opinion and may make a reasonable charge for the service provided, which may be different depending upon whether the keeper making the request is or is not a member. It is your responsibility to accurately describe your vehicle as no inspection will be made. Their ad vice is provided solely in relation to the declaration you will make regarding VHI.

If there is not a specialist listed here for your type of vehicle you may contact the FBHVC Secretary ( who will advise you.


VHI List v15.10.2020.pdf

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