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Anglo American Oil Company Ltd

Founded in 1999, the Anglo American Oil Company specialise in fuels and oils for classic and high performance vehicles, race or road. The company represent Sunoco race fuels and Driven Racing Oil lubricants in Europe and in the Middle East but also produce its own R branded specialist fuels in their purpose built, state-of-the-art, blending plant in Poole, Dorset. 

Becoming very popular is the R Storage Plus petrol, available in 10 litre plastic cans or 200 litre steel drums. The R Storage Plus is ethanol-free and designed to not harm fuel systems. It will stay fresh for up to three years and provides excellent protection against detonation thanks to its high octane value of 99 RON. Storage Plus is based on reclaimed gasses from the refining industry. It is an alkylate petrol that is reinforced with aromatics for better throttle response and to make sure that seals stay fresh and do not deteriorate. 

R Storage Plus will not absorb water, corrode copper, bronze or aluminium or go off like pump fuel. The distillation curve is closer to that of fuels from the 60th and suits older vehicles better than today’s pump fuels. The Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP) is typically 53 kPa to make sure that vapour lock is avoided, especially in modern traffic situations, i.e., queuing. Ethanol in modern fuels push RVP as high as 100 kPa causing issues for carburetted engines when engine and intake air temperatures are high.

However, although the R Storage Plus would be the ideal fuel for your classic vehicles cost is of course higher than normal pump fuels and for long journeys it would not be practical to tow your own fuel bouser behind. Driven has therefore developed an additive, Driven Carb Defender, that stops the side effects of ethanol and should you need more octane Driven’s Defender Booster will increase octane as high as three RON.

Driven has developed a range of oils especially for classic vehicles. The Driven HR is available in 10W-30, 10W-40 and 15W-50 viscosities and is fortified with additives to stop internal engine corrosion due caused by the ethanol in pump fuels. The HR oil is extremely sticky and is high in ZDDP additives to protect camshafts, buckets and lifters. HR is also very popular in historic racing due to its ability to withstand elevated engine temperatures over longer periods whilst maintaining oil pressure.

All Anglo American Oil Products can be found on and there is even a shop where you can order fuels and oils directly to your doorstep.

Leaded Fuel & Ethanol Free Unleaded Fuel
58 Holton Road Holton Heath Trading Park Poole Dorset BH16 6LT
01929 551557

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