FBHVC Club Insurance Scheme

Published: 13/01/2016

Last year for the first time we recommended two insurance brokers for the club insurance scheme, these were Aston Scott and Peter James Insurance.  Following discussions with both companies we are again recommending these two brokers for 2016.  There have been some changes at Aston Scott and they have chosen to work with Hiscox as their new insurers for 2016.  This has allowed Aston Scott to not only match the previous cover available, but also the rates that they were charging in 2015.  In addition, they have also provided us with a new option that allows eligible club officers to protect their own personal liabilities under a ‘directors and officers’ extension to the club policy at competitive rates.

Aston Scott have been awarded the prestigious ‘Chartered Insurance Broker’ status by the Chartered Insurance Institute.  This exclusive title is only awarded to firms which meet rigorous criteria relating to professionalism and capability. 

This is the second year that we are recommending Peter James Insurance for clubs and specifically for those clubs who need product liability protection.  For any club that is selling spares and particularly those deemed to be critical spares where safety could be an issue, product liability cover is essential.  Peter James Insurance can provide the products liability protection via its clubs combined and liability insurance schemes.  Often seen as a complicated and expensive area, if your club is an exporter of goods then it is essential that you have the correct products liability cover should you become the subject of a claim, especially in North America and Canada, where you can be held liable should you fall into the supply chain of a product deemed faulty.  Peter James Insurance are also giving discounted rates for FBHVC members on their popular commercial legal expenses package, together with competitive rates for club members.


Contact details for Aston Scott are:



Tel: 01252 377546


Contact details for Peter James Insurance are:



Tel: 0121 506 6040

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