Bicester Heritage Hotel Market Assessment

Published: 19/09/2016

CBRE Hotels has been commissioned by Bicester Heritage Ltd. to assess the potential demand for future hotel accommodation uses at Bicester Heritage.

Please take 10 minutes to complete the survey:

Bicester Heritage is located on the former 1920’s RAF Bicester Aerodrome site, North East of Bicester. In March 2013, the 348-acre site was acquired by Bicester Heritage Ltd. and restored into the UK’s first dedicated park for the restoration, display and sale of vintage and classic cars, motorcycles and planes. 

Bicester Heritage aims to create a robust future for the sector, the hobby and the businesses, people and skills that make it possible. It is currently home to over 30 businesses that include historic car dealers, workshops and motorsport specialists. The next years will see Bicester Heritage  complete the refurbishment of the historic airfield, creating unique event spaces, an auction house and growing the number of industry specialists as well as a number of unique displays for vintage cars.

As part of our research and of key importance to our study, we are contacting car clubs to understand the current environment of the UK’s historic car culture, developing trends, car club gatherings and events as well as gauge the requirements and demand for serviced accommodation from clubs and their members.

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