2020 Trade Survey

The closing date for the 2020 Enthusiasts Survey has now passed and we are now currently analysing the results.

Further details will be published in due course

In the meantime, please view this video of Mike Brewer discussing the exclusive reveal of some of the research data with David Whale, FBHVC Chairman and Paul Chasney, Reseach Director at the virtual Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with discovery on Saturday 14th November 2020.


Thank you for agreeing to take part in the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs’, 2020 National Historic Vehicle Survey – Trade, Museum and Event Organisers Survey.

You will be aware that the Federation exists to uphold the freedom to use historic vehicles on the road. It does this by representing the interests of owners of such vehicles to politicians, government officials, and legislators both in the UK and Worldwide through the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens (FIVA).

The FBHVC seeks to engage politicians and persuade regulators to be mindful of all types of historic vehicle when they propose and implement new policies and rules. To do this effectively it is important for the Federation to work from a factual base and to be able to show how substantial and important the historic vehicle community is.

The Federation undertook an extensive National Historic Vehicle Survey in 2016 which showed that the movement is worth £5.5 billion to the economy each year and directly supports employment for over 34,000 people. We already know that the number of Historic Vehicles (i.e. those made at least 30 years ago) currently on the DVLA database is considerably more than in 2016. It is therefore likely that spend and employment will have moved up as well but we need to prove that.

It was planned that the 2016 survey would be updated in 2021 based on activities during 2020. In the light of the devastating effects of Covid-19,  it has been decided to bring forward the survey to use 2019 as the base year. When you complete the survey please consider your answers in the context of activities undertaken in the year to December 2019.

Your individual response to the questions will remain confidential but the answers you give will be consolidated and used to benefit the historic vehicle movement as a whole. Our 2020 report will shape the future focus of the FBHVC acting on behalf of all its member organisations and historic vehicle enthusiasts.

In the survey, when we use the term ‘historic vehicle’ we are referring to all vehicles manufactured in 1990 or before, i.e. vehicles that are 30 years old or more.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please complete it at one sitting. If you do not have access to exact figures for some answers please use your best estimate.

Thank you for taking part and supporting the work of the FBHVC.

Take Part In The Survey Here

If you found this page when you were looking for the National Historic Vehicle Survey – enthusiasts survey, please click here.


The FBHVC's privacy policy can be found here.



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