Recent Consultations

Consultation Creator Closing Date
Jan 14
Brighton Speed Trials
London ULEZ
TFL Jan 15
Completed Apr 14
Discontinuence of tax disc
Jul 14
Increased speed limit proposals for HGVs
DfT 05 Sep 15
Completed 29 Jul 14
London Safer Lorries Scheme
TFL 22 Sep 14
Completed Jul 14
Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation
DfT 27 Aug 14
Completed Aug 14
Transparency in Lobbying
Elect Comm
Oct 14
REACH, chromium and asbestos
HSE on going
Completed Jan 15
HGV periodic testing and inspections exemptions 
DfT 05 Mar 15
Completed Jan 15
Goods vehicle operator licensing exemptions
Dft 05 Mar 15
   25.04.14  18th edition of the " In service emission standards for road vehicles" booklet  DfT  14.05.14
25.03.14 Draft Framework for FBHVC Apprenticeship in Historic Vehicle Restoration

FBHVC in conjunction with

the Institute of the Motor Industry 

27.02.14 Proposal to Authorise Motor Sport Events on Public Roads

Department of Culture, Media & Sport

FBHVC supports the MSA position. Read it here

10.12.13 Finance Bill 2014: draft legislation HM Treasury & HMRC 04.02.14
29.08.13 Proposed amendment to the Motor Fuel Composition and Content Regulations 1999

Department for Transport

Read FBHVC response here

  Various Roadworthiness Testing EU N/A
18.07.13 Asbestos: Marketing and use of second hand articles Defra 15.08.13
17.07.13 Future of vehicle registration and licensing services in Northern Ireland Driver and vehicle licensing agency 11.09.13
15.07.13 Motorcycle, lorry and bus driving licences and driving test rules Driving Standards Agency & 1 other 26.8.13
14.05.13 EU balance of competences review: transport call for evidence Department
for Transport
30.04.13 Fees for HGV & PSV Testing, Operator Licensing, othe VOSA, Services & some DVA services DfT


  06.02.13 Street Trading and Pedlary Laws Department for Business Innovation & Skills 05.04.13
  13.12.12 Motoring Services Strategy


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