Drive It Day

Drive It Day encourages our 520-plus club members and their supporters plus other historic vehicle enthusiasts to use yesterday’s two, three, four or more wheeled vehicles for a day to celebrate the UK’s transport heritage at its finest by demonstrating both the wealth of fascinating machines of all types and ages that are kept in this country and highlighting the large numbers of people engaged in this interest.

Plans are already in hand for 24th April 2016, with  a FBHVC presence expected at Gaydon, Brooklands and Bicester. As with the 2015 event clubs will be able to make their own routes and visit venues  of their choice.

Ken Coad, the lead organiser on FBHVC’s heritage team is very encouraged by the high level of interest this year. “Last year was our biggest event ever with the Sunday Times estimation that there were 250,000 historic vehicles on the roads. This year the FBHVC are not marshalling any venues as most car club organisers prefer to plan a route themselves. As usual many motoring venues and museums are anticipating DID visitors.

As usual we look forward to receiving many reports from member clubs. 

For 2015 the Bicester Heritage combined "Brunch Scramble" and DiD was a great success attracting over 1,500 vehicles. The FBHVC had a stand, with our secretary Rosy Pugh in attendance. 

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As Official Supplier of Drive-It Day Rally Plates for the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, DragonFly are pleased to let you know that the Drive-it Day Rally plates are now available for purchase!
We can send out one-off plates direct to any Classic vehicle owner who wishes to participate in this nationwide FBHVC organised event.  Clubs can also order in larger quantities so that their members can take advantage of better unit prices.  The easiest way to order is online through the DragonFly webstore: order online.