Online Taxation System Fails to Recognise some Pre 60s cars

Many members are contacting us as they have found that the DVLA online taxation system (EVL) now no longer recognises in all cases that pre-1960 vehicles do not need an MoT.

It is clearly unfortunate that the online system, which is DVLA’s preferred method of proceeding because it is the most efficient for them, should be suffering this failure.

DVLA has confirmed that the Post Office system is unaffected by the issue and that the Post Office can definitely do the renewal.  If anyone has difficulty persuading a Post Office counter clerk to do this, they are simply wrong. A refusal should not be accepted.

We have spoken to the Policy Branch in DVLA about this.

DVLA have confirmed they recognise the failure, are working to resolve it and promised us they will advise us when it is solved.

When we know more we will advise our members accordingly.