DVLA Matters

DVLA is tightening up its procedures, presumably following the closure of the Local Offices.

Although the FBHVC team are all active with their own interests in the historic vehicle world we are nevertheless very dependent on, and very grateful for, information from our member clubs. Nowhere is this more true than with the activities of DVLA.

Recent feedback suggests that the change in the DVLA approach is leading to particular difficulties in three areas:
•    Age-related registration of vehicles with new bodies
•    Data obtained from internet sources
•    Expertise of clubs

FBHVC are in the early stages of discussion on these points with DVLA. Although DVLA have stated a willingness to discuss them, they have been very restricted in what they have been permitted to discuss in the period leading up to a General Election, in common with all of the Civil Service.

The lead time for the Federation Newsletter is such that it will not be possible to report any progress in the next edition, so we hope this message will serve to reassure all of our members that, as always, FBHVC is actively promoting their interests. The normal metaphor is the serenely gliding swan, but perhaps in our world a better one would be the smoothly proceeding vehicle – with an awful lots of bits going up and down and round and round under the surface!