Mystery Surrounds Trade Mark Registrations of defunct Marques

A number of one marque clubs, members of The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), have made us aware of a spate of mysterious trade mark registrations taking place in the UK. The registrations are all of automotive trade marks for manufacturers that no longer exist. Singer and other former Rootes Group marques are among the recent registrations.

There have been examples of disused marques being resurrected in the past but this has usually been in connection with a new manufacturing venture. There does not appear to be any such plans connected to these new registrations and indeed it is unclear what the motivation is behind this current activity.

There are several clubs using defunct manufacturer’s names both in their titles and on merchandise and parts. FBHVC is therefore monitoring this issue with a view to ensuring that its member’s acquired rights are not prejudiced.

At this stage FBHVC is gathering information and would therefore like to hear from any clubs who have any information about this issue or have been contacted by any third parties in this connection. Please write to the Secretary, Rosie Pugh or email